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Contact Name
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Contact Phone Number
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Event Date
We will arrive 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start time to set up and bring the oven up to temperature.
The first 2 hours of service are included. An additional charge of $50 will be added for every additional 30 minutes.
Guest count must be finalized two weeks before your event date.
Please specify location, venue name, or whether this event will be held at a private residence.
Address of Event *
Address of Event
This is the address we will use in our navigation system, please double check that this information is correct.
Our truck is fairly large (11 feet wide, 13 feet tall, 30 feet long), so we just need to make sure you take that into consideration when planning where to have us park.
Day of Event Contact
Day of Event Contact
On the day of the event you may want to designate someone else as a point of contact.
Day of Event Contact Phone Number
Day of Event Contact Phone Number
Menu Selections
Pizza Packages:
Please choose from our selction of CATERING pizza packages or INDIVIDUAL pizza packages
Catering Pizza Packages
Catering packages are served by the slice. Each pizza is approximately 14" in size, is sliced into 8 slices, and set out and served buffet style.
Individual Pizza Packages
Individual pizzas are 10" personal pizzas. We bring enough for every person to have their own pizza.
Pizza Selections
Please select from our menu which pizzas you would like served. Three selections are included in your pizza package. More selections may be added at an additional charge.
Serving Location *
Individual Pizza Packages require service directly from the truck. Catering Pizza Packages can choose service directly from the truck, or to transport the pizzas to a table. If the distance to transport the pizzas exceeds a 30 second walk from the truck, there may be additional fees required. Please specify if this distance will be farther in the special notes section at the bottom (not applicable if pizza is being served directly from the truck).
Salad/Side Selections
Salad and side items are optional. They are not included in your pizza package pricing, but are available at an additional charge.
Per Person Servings (minimum order 25)
Per Person Servings (Minimum order 25)
Prices shown are per person
Number of Drinks (Minimum order 50)
If there is any additional information we should be aware of, please specify.
Deposit and Cancellations *

Thank you for choosing Fiore Pizza to be a part of your event! If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact our catering manager at 801-400-4914.