About Fiore Wood Fired Pizza

Fiore Pizza

We are a mobile pizzeria built from a re-purposed 20' shipping container, where we create handmade Italian style pizzas.

Wood-Fired Brick Oven The oven is not just a tool, but an essential ingredient.  Seasoned fruit wood burns on one side of the oven’s hearth as pizzas are placed on the opposing side.  The live fire produces heat that becomes concentrated and stored in the oven’s fire bricks. Using a combination of conduction, convection and radiant heat, the brick oven bestows a flavor and texture to the pizza that could not otherwise be achieved.  At an internal temperature above 800 degrees, the oven will fully bake a pizza in less than 90 seconds.

Naturally Risen Dough  Our dough is more than a medium to hold toppings, it is the focus of our pizzas.  It is made with three ingredients: local wheat flour, water, and salt. A previously activated mixture of flour and water, is added to raise the dough.  Leaven ratios are kept very low to facilitate a longer rise; slowing down the fermentation process allows the natural wheat flavors to fully develop.  The result is a light, open-holed crust with a satisfying depth of flavor achieved without the use of artificial flavors, sugars, or fats.  

San Marzano Tomatoes - Compared to Roma tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes are longer, thinner, and pointier in shape. The flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds, and the “tomato” taste is stronger, sweeter, and less acidic.  The use of the San Marzano variety tomatoes gives our sauce a sweetness that balances the flavors from the crust and cheese.  

Fresh Mozzarella – Fresh Mozzarella is softer and creamier than a traditional block mozzarella where the natural milk cream is pressed out of the cheese to promote a longer shelf life.  Our fresh mozzarella is made from whole milk curd, retaining the milk cream for a richer flavor and texture.   

Toppings - We strive to use fresh, locally-sourced, organic ingredients wherever possible.  We take our pizza-making seriously, and go to extreme measures to provide a product that we are proud of and hope you enjoy.